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Sunday, December 1, 2013 • 10:36pm

RANDOLPH, NJ - In a community of over 25,000 residents, there's always something happening in Randolph.  We are proud to announce that in our first six weeks of publication, we have had over 16,000 page views on our website. We are passionate about providing news to the Randolph Community that is not only informative, but inclusive and interesting to a broad range of our readers.

We are in contact with local organizations, schools, the township, and businesses to do our best to keep on top of what's happening and provide current news and information.  However, we need YOUR help to provide even more, and here's how.

For sports groups, PTO, teachers, businesses, organizations, non-profits, churches, schools, and more, the easiest way to get information out on what you are doing is to sign up to contribute content on The Alternative Press.  It only takes a minute to set it up, it's easy, and it provides you with an outlet to publish a community announcement, press release, article or event.  You can click on the “Contribute Content” tab at, and once you do, you can submit directly to the site.  We reserve the right to determine if it's eligible for publication.

For individuals that have an opinion, you are always welcome to submit a Letter to the Editor.  You can also do that by signing up to contribute content or by emailing Randolph TAP at  We will need your name and address in order to publish it, barring objectionable content. We also recommend that Randolph residents sign up for the FREE daily E-News (click on the E-Newsletter Signup tab at the top of the page), which you'll receive in your inbox each morning. Also “like” us on Facebook.

For businesses, we will publish your information in a basic directory listing at no charge.  You can also sign up to contribute content for community announcements and press releases.  If you want more than that, email us and we can meet with you to discuss advertising advantages and marketing programs.

The Alternative Press of Randolph exists to support the community and to provide objective news and information.  We can't exist without our advertisers and community support.  This is the foundation of our hyper-local business.  

It is our hope to continue to provide everything “Randolph” to residents.  For all of us that live here, we know there are many amazing things going on in town, and Randolph TAP wants to help promote them.

Help us help you, and sign up to contribute content, get your E-News, and check out our Facebook page today.



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