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Man Hit by Deer in Westfield; Has Life Threatening Injuries

Jackie Lieberman

Monday, November 19, 2012 • 10:51am

WESTFIELD, NJ—Alfred Vastano, 56, of South Plainfield, sustained life threatening injuries earlier this morning on Lamberts Mill Road near Bayberry Lane when the motorized scooter he was driving was struck by a male deer, according to Westfield Police Chief David Wayman.

The driver lost the helmet that he was wearing when he was ejected from the scooter. After the accident, he was air-lifted by a medevac and taken to University Hospital in Newark.

The traffic bureau is proceeding with an investigation.

This is deer mating season, and according to Wayman, “This is the dangerous part of the year for deer—this is when the most accidents occur.” In this case, the buck that struck the scooter was chasing two female deer.  If you see a deer in the road, “Always assume that there are more deer coming, because there usually are,” Wayman said.

TAP will continue to follow this story.

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