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Local Madison Boy Appears in ‘Oliver’ at the Paper Mill Playhouse

Bonnie L. Cramer

Friday, November 8, 2013 • 12:00am

MADISON, NJ - Lucas Imhoff is 9 years old. He's musically inclined, plays the violin and the acoustic guitar.  

"My dad is teaching me songs from the Beatles like 'It's Been a Hard Day's Night'," Lucas said.

He attends Central Avenue School in Madison, and he’s in the fourth grade. His father mentioned to him that the Charles Dickens Classic, "Oliver," would be coming to the Paper Mill Playhouse and that they were looking to feature 16 local boys.

“I thought it might be fun, so I auditioned,” said Lucas Imhoff.  “They made us sing, and we did a tiny bit of choreography,” he said.  In an open cast audition of more than 200 boys, Lucas was called back for three rounds and landed the part of a workhouse boy.

“We’ve been rehearsing for weeks. There are 1,200 seats in the theatre to fill. People should come see it because there are a lot of kids working really hard,” said Lucas.  “We actually sound really good when we sing together.  I have a small solo part as well,” he said.  Lucas recently played the part of Winthrop in the Music Man at Madison High School.

The production of Oliver will be performed eight times a week beginning Nov. 21 and running through Dec. 29.  For more information, go to www.PaperMill.org

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