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Wigfall Chosen as Essex County Track & Field Coach of the Year

John Blanton

Monday, May 19, 2014 • 11:52pm

EAST ORANGE, NJ – Lance Wigfall the boys track and field coach of East Orange Campus High School has been selected Essex County Boys Track and Field Coach of the Year by the Essex County Track and Field Coaches Association.

Wigfall, a former national class sprinter and whose retired track and field jersey is also showcased in the school’s gymnasium is a graduate of East Orange Campus High School. Wigfall was chosen as coach of the year because of his teams’ outstanding performances at the Essex County Relays and Essex County Track and Field Championships.

“I am extremely proud to be voted the Essex County Boys Track and Field Coach of the Year for the winter season. I want to thank God for providing this type of favor because if it were not for Him, this would have never occurred. I also want to thank my family for being patient with me as I spend an enormous amount of time coaching,” said Wigfall. “The East Orange Board of Education and Campus High School Administration believed in me and provided me the opportunity to utilize my passion, love and  talents to encourage young men that there is a great deal of hope within their future, but it takes hard work, discipline dedication, and determination in order to make a dream become a reality. Greatness lives at the edge of insanity and I will continue to remind our young men that greatness was breathed into them before time began and failure is not an option.”

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