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Westfield Students Receive Perfect SAT and ACT Scores

Jackie Lieberman

Thursday, November 21, 2013 • 11:33am

Westfield, NJ — Eight Westfield High School students achieved perfect scores on recent SAT and ACT standardized tests, which are widely used for college admission criteria: Shea Fitzpatrick – SAT Writing; Lily Wang – SAT Writing; Rachel Fan – SAT Math; Nicole Devitt –ACT test (includes English, Math, Reading and Science); Shawn Wu – SAT Math; David Gruskin – SAT Reading; Fraser Weist – SAT Math 2; and Andrew Zale – SAT Writing. 

"I continue to be proud of the many significant and varied accomplishments of our student body, including these impressive young men and women who have achieved this very high honor," said WHS Principal Peter Renwick.

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