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Westfield Students Get Perfect Scores on Sections of SAT & ACT

TAPinto.net Staff

Thursday, June 12, 2014 • 1:24pm

WESTFIELD, NJ — Six Westfield High School juniors achieved perfect scores in March on the SAT and 4 in May on ACT standardized tests, which are widely used for college admission criteria. 

The are: Hannah Goldring – SAT Writing; Frances Ling – SAT Reading and Writing; Jacqueline Napolitano – ACT English, Mathematics and Reading; Olivia Windorf – SAT Reading; Jack Rose – ACT Mathematics; Andrew Kuznetsov – SAT Writing; Bryan Chou - ACT Mathematics; Jameson Maher – ACT English; and Andrew Zale – SAT Reading. 

Renwick commended each student for outstanding achievement.

“It speaks volumes about your abilities and your commitment to education,” he said.

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