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Westfield Class of 2026 graduates from Lincoln School

Lorre Korecky

Friday, June 13, 2014 • 4:34pm

The sky above was gloomy but the atmosphere inside Lincoln School during kindergarten graduation was bright and cheerful on June 12.  A total of 165 students participated in graduation ceremonies at Lincoln, the Early Childhood Learning Center of the Westfield Public Schools.

Following a Pomp and Circumstance procession to the stage with their artwork as a bright visual backdrop, the students sang seven songs, all based on the theme of world harmony.  Three separate celebrations were held to accommodate both the morning and afternoon classes.

Lincoln Principal Audrey Zavetz thanked the classroom teachers and music teacher Christina Toulios for their help all year and paid special tribute to the kindergarten graduates.

“It has been a year filled with knowledge, excitement, laughter, and lots of fun, said Zavetz. "Congratulations boys and girls! Although you still have six more days of school, you are now officially first graders! You were fabulous and I am so very proud of you!”

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