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Westfield Candidates Forum to be Held Oct. 24

The Alternative Press Staff

Friday, October 11, 2013 • 1:55pm

WESTFIELD, NJ — The public is encouraged to attend a candidates forum on Oct. 24 sponsored and moderated by The Westfield Leader in conjunction with TV36. Candidates for municipal election for mayor and ward council seats have been invited to participate.  

The forum, to be held in the Westfield Municipal Building, 425 E. Broad St., will begin at 7:30 p.m. Email topics you would like to see discussed to editor@goleader.com by Oct. 20.

Candidates running for election in Westfield are:

Republican                                                       Democrat


Andrew Skibitsky                                             David Haas

First Ward Council

Sam Della Fera                                              None 

Second Ward Council

Vicki Kimmins                                                  None

Third Ward Council

David Oliveira                                                  Matthew Sontz

Fourth Ward Council

Keith Loughlin                                                 Jack Walsh


To learn more about the candidates, visit our Candidates Statements section by clicking here.

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