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Westfield 8th Graders Learn Life Saving Techniques

Lorre Korecky

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 • 12:40pm

Westfield High School senior Caitlyn Tierney decided to give back to her intermediate school by sharing important life-saving skills this winter.   The former lifeguard who is CPR/First Aid certified, Caitlyn returned to Roosevelt Intermediate School and taught CPR to all the 8th grade health classes.

Sharon Dorry, Roosevelt’s Nurse/Health Educator, stated, “It was a great experience for all and she did an amazing job.  The students really enjoyed it and have a new appreciation and knowledge of this valuable skill.”

After the demonstrations, students were able to practice their new skill using a "Re-susci-Annie" manikin. The lessons Caitlyn developed and her hands-on approach is part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project in which she intends to empower teenagers to make a difference in case of an emergency.  She is pictured in the rear of the photo wearing a visitor’s badge, standing alongside Sharon Dorry, and surrounded by 8th graders in one of the health classes at Roosevelt Intermediate School.

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