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West Orange Police Establish Street Crimes Unit

Jessica Glicker

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 • 10:30pm


WEST ORANGE, NJ – Mayor Robert D. Parisi announced today that a specialized Street Crimes Unit has been implemented under the direction of the West Orange Police Department to prevent and reduce crime within targeted areas of the Township.

The geographic-based enforcement is directed to address the recent spike in crime in the region of the Township that borders the city of Orange.

This reallocation of four police officers to the Street Crimes Unit will not impact the Department’s current number of police patrol units.

“Despite a statistical drop in crime during the first half of the year, the Street Crimes Unit helps enforce a message that West Orange is serious about taking an aggressive approach to make our streets safer,” Mayor Parisi said.

“These densely populated neighborhoods have become known as hot spots for crime,” said Police Chief James P. Abbott. “The best way to deal with criminal activity in the same area is by having extra police presence to respond quickly.”

The specialty unit is currently comprised of a Sergeant and three police officers.


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