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West Orange Photographer E'Lana Lemon Experiments with Race

Kaila DeRonde

Sunday, December 15, 2013 • 8:35pm

WEST ORANGE, NJ -  E’lana Lemon is a West Orange resident, a former track and field star from West Orange High School, and now, a phenomenal photographer and graphic designer.  E'Lana showed her fascinating photographs at the West Orange Public Library on December 12, sponsored by the the West Orange Arts Council.

As a student at West Orange High School, E'Lana took a photography class elective, but never thought she would actually get into photography.  However, she found her calling in her second semester of her senior year at Lehigh University, a division One school where she had received a scholarship for track and field.

While taking photography classes at Lehigh, E'Lana used the university's equipment, but when she entered one of her first photo competitions and placed, she was able to buy her own camera. She placed in two more contests, Invision Photography Contest in Pennsylvania and The Photography Forum Magazine for Nikon Competition.

Her new exhibit is called, “Experimenting with Race.” Lemon managed to turn her collection into a social experiment, causing viewers to think about what race really is. All the photos in her collection were photos of herself. There was no manipulation of any of the photos in any type of photo program. It was all done with makeup and different lighting settings.

E'Lana Lemon's work is currently on exhibit at the West Orange Public Library.


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