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West Orange Middle School Promotes Reading Around The World

Cynthia Cumming

Friday, July 11, 2014 • 11:35pm

WEST ORANGE, NJ - Liberty Middle School staff and friends are having fun this summer vacation and promoting reading through a unique and creative approach.

When school ended in June, Liberty staff and friends took “scratch to win” book tickets that included 15 "winner" scratch off tickets (all were winners), and began placing tickets locally and around the world as they traveled.

The pre-printed tickets and mailing instructions offer those finding the tickets a free book for a child of their choice.  For example, Computer Education teacher Anne Tempesta visited Iceland, left her ticket in a hotel lobby and the lucky winner from Iceland returned the ticket and will soon be receiving a book for a young man.

As they leave the tickets, the staff has been taking pictures and sending them back to Liberty reading teacher Maryann Solimo, who is coordinating book distribution.

The close of the summer will provide a look at the variety of responses generated by this unique way to encourage young children to read.




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