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West Orange LAX Falls to Livingston Lancers, 16-1

Cynthia Cumming

Saturday, April 19, 2014 • 11:40pm

WEST ORANGE, NJ - The West Orange Mountaineers were no match for the Livingston Lancers on Saturday, April 18, as they fell 16-1 on the Lancer's home turf.

The Livingston High School powerhouse duo of Tommy Heller and Bill Mandel outscored West Orange as Heller scored four goals and six assists. Heller's first goal broke the senior's career mark of 133 goals. Mandel scored four goals and one assist, bringing his assist record to 78, another LHS record. Jake Hoffer also brought in four goals for the Lancers.

West Orange's Alex Elliott scored the Mountaineer's only goal in the first half, which ended at 16-1 and remained unchanged.

The Mountaineers continue to struggle on offense and strove to keep pace with the Lancer's speed on the field. After a 14-1 loss on April 17 to Columbia, the Mountaineers need to rebound with wins against Hanover Park on April 22 and Nutley on April 24.

West Orange now stands at 3-6 and Livingston at 8-2.




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