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West Orange Fire Department Swears in Six Probationary Firefighters

Cynthia Cumming

Thursday, May 15, 2014 • 12:41am

WEST ORANGE, NJ - It was a proud day for West Orange as six recruits were promoted to West Orange Fire Department Probationary Firefighters during a swearing-in ceremony held at the Toby Katz Civic Center on Wednesday.

The former recruits recently completed 10 weeks of rigorous training at the Essex County Fire Academy in Cedar Grove, where they will attend their official graduation ceremony along with their fellow firefighters from surrounding towns, on May 15.

After introductions from Deputy Chief Tony Vecchio, West Orange Fire Chief Pete Smeraldo brought each recruit up for their Oath of Office, which was administered by Mayor Robert Parisi. Family members stood with recruits as they were sworn in and assisted in pinning their badges on their uniforms.

West Orange's newest firefighters are: John Casiero, Gary Braus, Matt Kehoe, Joshua Riley, Glen Coppola, and Ryan McPherson.

Fellow firefighters, family and friends, congratulated the new firefighters following the ceremony.

The West Orange Fire Department was founded in 1894 and currently has 89 firefighters that serve the township's population of over 46,000.



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