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West Orange Baseball Falls to Livingston in Extra Innings

Anita Calmday and Brittany Eng

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 • 9:25pm

WEST ORANGE, NJ - The West Orange Baseball team was defeated by the Livingston Lancers, 3-0, in a highly competitive game on April 28 on the Mountaineers home turf.

Coach Schroeder from Livingston credits Michael Zarro’s excellent pitching for a great game. Schroeder said, “They took advantage of our weaknesses and we took advantage of theirs; It was not a very good offensive game for both teams.” 

Pitcher Mark Silvestri of Livingston pitched a complete game shutout, gave up only four hits and struck out 12. Silvestri said, “We did well, we came up big when needed. We just need to start hitting the ball more.” Silvestri adds that they were definitely prepared for the game.

Both teams credit their top-notch pitchers to keeping the game going. Coach DuBois of West Orange said, “Mike Zarro kept us in the game.

“The three major facets of baseball are pitching, fielding and hitting; today, we did not have the hitting. We need to work our strike innings, we had way too many strike outs.”

The Mountaineers are struggling this season with the ability to score runs. Zarro said that the team played defended and pitched well, but were unable to make runs. However, he feels as though the team was adequately prepared. 



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