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Washington Students Excel in Math League Competition

The Alternative Press Staff

Saturday, April 5, 2014 • 8:48am

SUMMIT, NJ - Two teams, comprised of 5th Grade Washington Elementary School students, placed First and Second in a team Math League competition held at Kent Place School.   

Jessica Friedman, Cate Hampson, Stefan De Jongh, Michael Malnati, and Jenny McIlwain formed the first Elementary School teams from the Summit Public Schools that has participated in the competition.  Other schools participating included Kent Place School, Far Hills Country Day, Rumson Country Day, and the Ranney School.  
Washington Elementary School fielded two 5th grade teams.  One team was a four member group -- the most a team is allowed -- and the other was a single one person team, and they placed Frist and Second, respectively, qualifying  for the state tournament April 26 in Englewood, NJ. 
JoAnn Mendl, head of Elementary Math Enrichment, along with Mark Malnati, father of competing student Michael Malnati, trained the students for the competition.


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