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Warren Green Team Wins Environmental Acheivement Award

TheAlternativePress.com Staff

Sunday, October 20, 2013 • 9:06am

WARREN, NJ -  Warren Township  won the 2013 Environmental Achievement Award from The Association of New Jersey Environmental Commission (ANJEC) at the 40th Annual Environmental Congress. The award presentation was held at Middlesex County College on Oct.19.

 The Warren Township Green Team won this award for  its Low Impact Checklists for construction and planning which encourages applicants submitting development plans to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into building projects.  

Over an 8 month period of time, the Green Team created two Low Impact Checklists, one for Planning and one for Construction.  Input came from the Environmental Commission, Township Committee and staff from the Planning Dept., Engineering and Construction.

 It is currently handed out as advisory information and recommendations when residents and builders apply for construction permits. These checklists were also provided to the Watchung Hills Regional High School's Business, Operations and architecture representatives to use as WHRHS begins to develop and implement a $12 Million infrastructure construction.

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