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Volunteer to Help Victims Cope with Crisis

Union County Office of Public Information

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 • 10:44pm

UNION COUNTY, NJ - For 40 years, volunteer advocates from the Union County Rape Crisis Center (RCC) have helped women, children, and men cope with the aftermath of sexual violence. All new volunteers are trained and supported by staff and experienced volunteers.

The next training session starts on April 22.

RCC is a program of the Union County Department of Human Services. To find out how to join, call the RCC Hotline at 908-233-7273 or visit ucnj.org.

For additional information visit the RCC blog at blogspot.com.

Please join the County of Union online at ucnj.org, on Facebook at ucnj.org/facebook, and on Twitter at twitter.com/countyofunionnj.


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