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Vandals Damage Chatham Community Beehives

The Alternative Press Staff

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 • 11:05pm

CHATHAM, NJ - Mayor Bruce Harris reported on the status of the Chatham Community Beehive on Tuesday night at the Borough of Council meeting and noted that vandals had dented or damaged two of the beehives by throwing asphalt at them.

On Saturday, members of the Chatham Community Bee Club had put up the beehives under the direction of beekeeper Albert Tomaro. The hives are located off River Road on St. James.

Eight packages of Italian Bees arrived from Georgia and there were 3,000 bees in each package, including a queen bee. The queen will produce 2,000 eggs per day.

Tomaro noted that bees play a role in one-third of the food produced in the world. Disease and other factors have lowered the bee population and the community beehives are aimed at reversing that  trend.


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