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Union County 4-H Students Share Their Passion for History, Technology, Crafts, and More

Union County Office of Public Information

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 • 6:43am

The Rutgers Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development Program of Union County held its annual Public Presentation Night on April 25, treating the 23 judges and other audience members to a wide range of topics presented by 41 student 4-H club members.

“The 4-H clubs encourage young people to explore their interests while building communication and leadership skills,” said Freeholder Chairman Christopher Hudak. “On behalf of the Freeholder Board, I would like to thank all of the 4-H presenters for making this extra effort to share their knowledge and their interests with the Union County community.”

4-H Public Presentation Night provides students with experience in creating and delivering a public talk. The presenters select their own topics and rehearse with their 4-H club and family members.

Last month’s event took place on the campus of the Union County Vo-Tech Schools. It included 41 presenters in grades 1 through high school. Some of the topics included Mousetrap Powered Cars, Architecture of India, Living in Ireland, Giraffes, Manners and Behavior of a Proper Victorian Lady, CSI/Forensics, Drumming, and Knitting.

4-H is a youth development program of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Union County, supported in part by the Freeholder Board. Union County 4-H clubs are open to students in grades 1-12 and cover many popular subjects including archery, Lego robotics, pet care, and more.

For more information about Union County 4-H contact 4-H Agent James Nichnadowicz at 908-654-9854 or Nichnadowicz@njaes.rutgers.edu, or visit ucnj.org/rce.

Please join the County of Union online at ucnj.org, on Facebook at ucnj.org/facebook, and on Twitter at twitter.com/countyofunionnj.

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