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Two Madison Homes Burglarized This Week

The Alternative Press Staff

Friday, March 28, 2014 • 4:11pm

MADISON, NJ - Two residents reported burglaries in their homes earlier this week in the borough.

A resident of Locust Street in Madison reported a residential burglary on Monday. The next day, a resident of Wayne Blvd also reported a residential burglary.

In both incidents, a rear window was pried open to gain access into the residence. Once inside each residence, the actor(s) targeted the master bedrooms, where they stole jewelry. In addition, a laptop and various numismatic items were stolen during the Locust Street burglary.

Anyone having information regarding these burglaries is asked to contact Det. Ken Shannon at (973) 593-3004. Also, residents are urged to take extra precautions at home in an effort to increase crime prevention.

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