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Troop 68 Attends the Naval Academy STEM Jamboree

Alton Grossman

Thursday, February 6, 2014 • 6:23am

Annapolis, MD - Boy Scouts from Troop 68 traveled to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland to participate in the Midshipman's annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Jamboree. 

The scouts were given access to the Academy's advanced science and engineering labs in order to earn merit badges in nuclear science, chemistry, medicine, oceanography, electronics and space exploration. 

Scouts listened to conversations at the Space Station, used a cloud chamber and built electroscopes to study the magnetic and radiation effect on various particles.  The scouts also dawned ruck sacks and cavalier helmets to participate with future Navy Seal and Marine Corps officers in small unit tactics and military clearing exercises.  

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