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Tim Tebow Makes Surprise Visit to Hair We Are in Madison

Christy Potter Kass

Sunday, June 17, 2012 • 6:42pm

MADISON, NJ - Of all the people the stylists at Hair We Are salon in Madison expected to walk through the door for a haircut this week, Tim Tebow wasn't one of them.

Yet that's just what happened when the door opened and the Jets quarterback walked in.

"We didn't expect him to come in," said salon co-owner Louisa DeRose. "However, a customer of mine works for the Jets and has been working side by side with him and he mentioned the shop to him."

Tebow signed autographs for the salon's customers and took pictures with the stylists.

"He was wonderful," DeRose said. "He couldn't be nicer. Hopefully he will come back!"


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