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Tie Vote For Berkeley Heights School District Board President

Bobbie Peer

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 • 5:57pm

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ -  A tie vote Monday night at the Berkeley Heights Board of Education 2014 reorganization meeting leaves Berkeley Heights School District without a new board president.  The County Superintendent will appoint a president from among the members of the board when the board fails to elect a president at the meeting.  

After re-elected board members Helen Kirsch, John Sincaglia and Denis Smalley were sworn into their new 3 year term, nominations were made for a new board president. 

Helen Kirsch and Doug Reinstein were nominated for board president and each received three votes.   [Board member Mary Ann Walsh was absent and Mountainside board representative, Jeane Parker, could not vote.]  

Re-elected board vice-president will stand in as president until new board president decision is made. The County Superintendent's appointment of the board president is forthcoming.

Board members' current committee positions will remain the same until next president is determined. 









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