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Third South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education Seat Awarded to Lawson-Muhammad

David Lackey

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 • 3:41pm

MAPLEWOOD & SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad has been declared the winner of the third open seat on the South Orange and Maplewood Board of Education, following a delay in calculating the results of the balloting on Nov. 5.

Election Day results tallied by the Essex County Clerk's office showed clear wins by incumbent Board of Education President Beth Daugherty and challenger Johanna Wright. The third spot on the Board was considered too close to call, with only two dozen votes separating candidates, the incumbent David Giles and his running mate Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad. 

The narrow margin required the analysis of the provisional ballots, which were not initially counted on Election Day. 

The final results as posted by the County Clerk on Wednesday are as follows:

Daugherty: 5,516

Wright: 4,818

Lawson-Muhammad: 4,100

Giles: 4,062

Cutler: 3,245

Write-In: 94

The three winners will serve three-year terms on the Board of Education.

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