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Third South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education Seat Still Up in the Air

David Lackey

Thursday, November 7, 2013 • 7:08am

SOUTH ORANGE-MAPLEWOOD, NJ – The election results for the Board of Education are still not final.  While Beth Daugherty and Johanna Wright were clear victors in Tuesday’s balloting, the third seat remains undecided, as the Essex County Clerk has indicated the race is too close to call, and will be looking to provisional ballots in an effort to determine a winner.

The Clerk said that incumbent David Giles received 3,780 votes on Tuesday, and an additional 260 mail-in votes, for a total of 4,040.  Giles’ running-mate, Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad received 3,854 votes on Tuesday and 210 mail-in votes, for a total of 4,064.

The County Clerk’s office must now scrutinize the provisional ballots and determine which may be counted as actual votes to come to a final tally.  A representative at the office said via telephone that this “may take a few days.”

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