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South Plainfield — Police Blotter

Theft at Target in Hadley Mall

Sunday, July 13, 2014 • 12:00am

Officer responded to Target on a report of a woman who had a seizure. The officer met with Target's Loss Prevention person who observed the defendant, later identified as Carol Agbuya, attempting to walk out of the store without paying for items in a baby stroller (also an item from the store). Inside the stroller were various pieces of accessories, baby products, electronics, automotive hardware, home goods, luggage and toys (total amount $903.35). When she was confronted, Carol fell to the ground and complained of having a seizure.  JFK EMS Unit and Mercy arrived on the scene and began with a medical assessment and she was transported to the hospital for further medical treatement.  Carol was advised to turn herself in at police HQ once she was released from the hospital, she did, was fingerprinted and photographed and released on her own recognizance by the Court Administrator.

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