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The Livingston Sunrise Rotary Club Donates to the Dominican Republic Relief Organization (DRRO)

The Alternative Press Staff

Saturday, January 18, 2014 • 6:55am

LIVINGSTON, NJ – Recently, The Livingston Sunrise Rotary Club donated $1,200.00 to the Dominican Republic Relief Organization (DRRO), a not-for-profit serving the impoverished Haitian and Dominican peoples living in the Dominican Republic.

"We are very proud to be donating to such a worthwhile cause," said Livingston Sunrise Rotary Past President, Monte Ehrenkranz, who is also vice president/business development at Regal Bank. “There are no paid positions at the DRRO—everyone volunteers their time, which allows donations to go that much further toward producing many humanitarian projects.”

The Livingston Sunrise Rotary is a chapter of an international service organization whose purpose is to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

The DRRO assists Dominican and Haitian people in need with humanitarian aid in education, healthcare and prevention programs. According to its website, the mission of the DRRO is to “help the impoverished people residing in the Dominican Republic…,” which includes Haitian people who migrated before and after the 2010 earthquake, and those who continue to migrate eastward to the Dominican.

Right now, the DRRO is focused on building a health care clinic in the Mao section of the Dominican Republic where doctors from local hospitals can stay and volunteer their time and skills to treat the Dominican and Haitian people, and instruct local medical professionals in new and modern health care techniques.


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