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Summit — Police Blotter

Summit Police Blotter

Thursday, May 22, 2014 • 2:09pm

5/17 – 0825 hrs., Saucedo, Eric, 34, of Garwood, NJ, arrested at Morris Avenue for Driving While Suspended

5/17 – 2123 hrs., report of theft of iPhone valued at $800.00 from the counter of a Broad Street convenience store at approximately 9:00 p.m., this date.

5/17 – 1410 hrs., Kopik, Robert W., 37, of Newark, NJ, arrested at Denman Place and Broad Street for Contempt of Court

5/18 – 1037 hrs., Popoca, Jose G., 33, of Summit, NJ, arrested at Van Dyke Place and Glenside Avenue for Driving While Suspended

5/19 – 1936 hrs., Williams, Kenneth, 23, of Plainfield, NJ, arrested at Broad Street for Shoplifting DPO

5/21 – 1821 hrs., Monty, Tara M., 20, of Summit, NJ, arrested at Summit Police Headquarters for Contempt of Court 

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