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Summit Junior Fortnightly Club Spelling Bee Winners Announced

The Alternative Press Staff

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 • 4:11pm

SUMMIT, NJ - The Summit Junior Fortnightly Club has announced the winners of it's annual Spelling Bee, held January 25 at Lawton C Johnson Summit Middle School.   Seventy-one kids participated, and the winners were: 

#1 Julia Gerbino 5th Kent Place School

#2 Jessica Friedman 5th Washington School

#3 Taylor Sharperson 4th Kent Place School

#4 Jodie DeJesus 5th Oak Knoll School

#5 Bryn Little 4th Lincoln Hubbard School

#6 Sophie Labianakos 4th Lincoln Hubbard School

#7 Tyler Lorenz 4th Lincoln Hubbard School

#8 Abhinav Mushti 4th Lincoln Hubbard School

#9 Anna Creel 4th Washington School

#10 Sara Muzyka 5th Jefferson

The Spelling Bee is open to fourth and fifth grade students in Summit's five public elementary schools (Brayton, Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln-Hubbard and Washington) and Summit's two private elementary schools (Kent Place and Oak Knoll).  This years organizers from the SJFC were Rexy Bianco, Tina Walker, and Michelle McKern.  For more information, visit the club's website at SJFClub.org.


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