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Summit High School Senior Women Attend McKinsey & Co. Workshop

The Alternative Press Staff

Friday, April 25, 2014 • 9:53am

SUMMIT, NJ - Six Summit High School Senior women are participants in McKinsey & Company's Young Women's Leadership Workshop.

Carolyn Burns, Hannah Feeney, Kelly Haberl, Marissa Murray, Serena Thomas, and Danielle Winter are attending the workshop, designed for high achieving high school female seniors in the Summit area.  In sum, approximately 35 total participants from Northern New Jersey high schools are expected.

A variety of McKinsey consultants are participating, from senior partners to business analysts right out of college.

The goal of the workshop is to support high achieving students early in their career, as well as introduce them to consulting, to clarify the industry, and to detail the career paths it entails.
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