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Sparta Youngsters Get to Touch a Truck

Jennifer Dericks

Friday, August 22, 2014 • 10:43pm

SPARTA, NJ -  The Sparta Library and Department of Public Works offered a unique opportunity for Sparta youngsters to Touch a Truck.  The event was held on Wednesday morning in the parking lot of Mohawk Avenue School.  There was a backhoe, a bucket loader, the ladder truck and a pickup truck for children to climb on, sit in and explore. 

Patiently the men from the DPW lifted the little ones, with legs too short to even reach the bottom rung of the steps to climb into the cab, then helped them down again.  Over and over, up and down, with smiles all around.  The fireman even got a spontaneous and unexpected hug from one little girl from the Oak Tree summer program.

After climbing out of the backhoe and thanking the DPW employee, Hayden Corbin told his mother and three brothers, “This is definitely my favorite piece of construction equipment.”

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