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Sparta Municipal Building Established as a 'Go 2 Center' During Deep Freeze

Sgt. John-Paul Beebe

Monday, January 6, 2014 • 6:18pm

SPARTA, NJ - Due to the expected record cold temperatures forecasted over the next several days, the Chief of Police and OEM Coordinator Ernest Reigstad has designated the Sparta Township Municipal Building as a “Go 2 Center” during the frigid temperatures Monday night and all of Tuesday. This is for any Sparta resident if they lose power and need to warm up and recharge their electronics.
This is not a designated shelter. You will not be able to sleep or shower at this location and food will not be served here. Any resident in need of this center should go to the Sparta Township Police Department which is located in the lower level of the Municipal Building and sign in at the communications center window. They will be assisted from there. 
The “Go 2 Centers” are part of the township’s recently established Sparta Township’s Emergency Preparedness “STEP” Program. For additional information pertaining to the establishment of additional “GO 2 Centers”, hours of operation and other relevant information, please go to the Sparta Township Website at http://www.spartanj.org/ .  The Sparta Police Facebook page and the media will be updated via news release.
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