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South Orange Teen Honored by YMCA for Volunteerism

The Alternative Press Staff

Saturday, April 12, 2014 • 7:07am

MAPLEWOOD, NJColumbia High School sophomore Jordana Levine has received the South Mountain YMCA’s 2013 Russell Colgate Award for Youth of the Year for her volunteerism.

“In the past two years alone, Levine has devoted more than 140 hours to making the South Mountain Y’s Healthy Kids Day, family nights, teen service learning projects and other events successful,” said branch Executive Director, Marcia Meehan. 

Levine was honored April 3 alongside winners from the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges’ five other member YMCAs at the organization’s annual meeting. 

Levine’s relationship with the Y began back to 1997 when she was a preschooler in the early childhood learning center.  As a volunteer, her bond to the Y has only grown.

“Jordana has proven to be a positive role model for other teens, volunteers and children she has encountered while volunteering for the Y,’’ Meehan said.

Levine belongs to Columbia High School’s Kiwanis Key Club, which helps at-risk children. In addition to all of her volunteering, the South Orange resident also runs competitively for CHS.

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