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South Orange Swears In New Police Officer

Amy Kiste Nyberg

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 • 11:00am

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – Officer Richard Lombardi was sworn in on Monday night as South Orange’s newest police officer.

Village President Alex Torpey administered the oath of office. Village officials and members of the audience at the Board of Trustees meeting stood to applaud the latest addition to the force.

Lombardi’s father, Frank, held the Bible during the ceremony.

Barry Lewis Jr., village administrator, said that Police Chief James Chelel could not attend the meeting but the chief said he is pleased to welcome Lombardi to the force and looks forward to working with him.

“Welcome to our new officer,” Torpey said. “We are very excited to have you here with the South Orange Police Department.”

Lombardi returned to the stage to shake hands with village officials. When Torpey joked that all of the trustees would find parking tickets on their vehicles when they left the meeting, Lombardi shook his head, replying, “Not true.”

During Village Hall renovations, the Board of Trustees meets in the South Orange Performing Arts Center.

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