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South Orange Appoints New Municipal Prosecutor

Amy Kiste Nyberg

Saturday, October 19, 2013 • 11:43am

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – The village appointed Gracia Robert Montilus as its municipal prosecutor on Thursday.

Montilus, whose office is located in the same building as the village’s temporary offices, was selected after a committee interviewed six finalists. Village Administrator Barry Lewis Jr., who served on that committee, said the decision was unanimous.

“We received a number of very qualified applicants,” he said. “We unanimously reached a consensus for Mr. Montilus. I think we were all universally impressed with his qualifications, background and experience.”

Montilus was sworn in by Chief Municipal Judge Jonathan Rosenbluth.

Montilus earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Seton Hall University. He graduated from Villanova Law School in 1992 and passed his bar exam in 1993. He has practiced tax law, civil litigation, criminal defense and immigration law.

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