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So, What's the LP TAP?

By Melissa S. Treacy

Monday, February 24, 2014 • 11:11am

Welcome to The Alternative Press of Lower Providence (TAP). So, what is this? We’re glad you asked.

The Alternative Press is designed to be a free, user-friendly news source for its community. We will cover Lower Providence news, as it happens. With coverage of sports, schools, businesses, arts and entertainment, food and wine, health, government, home and garden and of course police and fire news, we aim to be the one and only news source you’ll need for hyperlocal community updates.

Do you want to know what’s happening this weekend? Searching for a good summer camp for the kids? Check LP TAP. Wondering what those sirens you heard are really racing for?  What streets should be avoided due to an accident on your way home? LP TAP’s got it.

Don’t just sit back and wait for your favorite places and events to be posted, though. Our site welcomes its users to post events, business listings, classifieds, columns and letters to the editor. And, the best news is, all of those tools are free to our users.

Do you want to be a user? That’s simple too. And, of course, it is free. Just click on our site’s homepage and get started.  At the top left of the page, you’ll find a “Sign-Up/Contribute Content button along the green bar. Click on that, and you can create your own username (email) and password. There you’ll also find a way to register for our daily newsletters.

By providing us with your email, which we keep private of course, you will receive our free daily newsletter with the day’s top stories. It will keep you informed with stories, events, local business offerings and more.

And, who is all this “we” business, you might ask. That’s some more great news. Lower Providence TAP is owned and operated by local Lower Providence Township residents. “We” are James and Melissa Treacy, and we are excited to bring this opportunity to our community. Melissa Treacy is a graduate of Penn State University, with a College of Communications degree in journalism. James Treacy attended Temple University and has worked in the sales field for over 10 years.

Why do we want to run our very own TAP? We are excited to be involved in our town. Our children go to school here. Our family will be raised here. We want the community to be the very best it can be. What better way to do that than to provide an unbiased, reliable news source for this town? We want to allow a space for our town to communicate, to stay informed, to find ways to become involved. LP TAP will be a way to do this.

If you ever feel we are missing out on something in this community, we welcome you to bring it to our attention. For story ideas, questions or concerns about the site, please contact Melissa S. Treacy at 215-680-6151 or email mtreacy@thealternativepress.com. If you have a business that would like to advertise or an event you want to get the word out about, contact James Treacy at 215-778-4957 or email jtreacy@thealternativepress.com. We have a wide variety of advertising products, at all price points, and we’d be happy to find the marketing package that meets your goals and budget.

You can also keep up to date on information via the LP Tap Facebook page. “Like” that page here, and see story headlines, business deals and breaking news as it happens from your own Facebook account.  Want to follow us on Twitter? You can do that too with @LPTAP.

We hope you enjoy this community news source. We are here for you, and welcome your feedback and ideas at any time. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned to LP TAP.

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