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SHS Students Producing CD to Benefit Summit Music Parents Association

Greg Elliott

Monday, October 28, 2013 • 10:27am

SUMMIT, NJ - Summit High School (SHS) students Peter Gangi and Declan Weir are taking advantage of their talents and skill set to create a full-length cover album, with profits from the sale of the CD going to the Summit Music Parents Association, which supports the musical arts in town.

The album will feature 17 songs all sung and played by high school music students, with the exception of one, where the high school's choir director is featured.  Gangi and Weir have launched a grassroots, crowd-funding campaign to get the project up and running.  The funding generated from this campaign will go toward licensing the songs and producing the first batch of CD's. 
For information on how you can support the project, visit indiegogo.com/projects/summit-high-school-students-produce-full-album/x/5129724.
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