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Ryan Siegel of Short Hills Honored with Volunteerism Award

Tap into Millburn Staff

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 • 6:55am

LIVINGSTON, NJ - Ryan Siegel of Short Hills was presented with a Nancy and Robert Eskow - National Council of Jewish Women/Essex Volunteer Award.  These honors are granted to select graduating high school seniors from Essex County who have shown a commitment and dedication to making life better for others.

Siegel demonstrated the importance of community service through numerous activities including teaching a debate class at the Boys and Girls Club of Newark in the Central Ward neighborhood, serving as Red Cross Club President at Millburn High School where he focused on the increasing need to stock food pantries in Essex County, and introducing an art program at his school designed to celebrate acceptance of others.

“I have learned to take action in the face of a problem or need and have learned that even one person can make a difference,” Siegel said.

Winners of the Nancy and Robert Eskow Volunteer Award reflect the mission and values of NCJW/Essex through their commitment and dedication to community service projects and advocacy experienced during their high school careers. In recognition of his exemplary contribution, Siegel received a $600 scholarship and an award certificate from NCJW/Essex. In the fall he will be attending Duke University. 

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