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Roselle Public Schools Honors Support Personnel

Kathy Lloyd

Friday, June 13, 2014 • 10:43pm

ROSELLE, NJ - Roselle Public Schools released its list of 2014 Support Personnel of the Year. They are as follows: Roselle Pre-K: Lois Capodice, Security; Washington Elementary School: Jesús Gómez, Paraprofessional; Harrison Elementary School: Lourdes Pierre, Paraprofessional; Dr. Charles Polk Elementary School: Marino Campos, Custodian; Leonard V. Moore Middle School: Ingrid Fish, Cafeteria Worker; Grace Wilday Junior High School: Sharon Freeman, Security; Abraham Clark High School: Emanuel Shumate, Paraprofessional; 2014 District Personnel of the Year: Lisa Palin, Technology Support.

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