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Roseland Firefighters Participate in Extensive Forcible Entry Drill at Essex County Fire Academy

Carolyne Volpe Curley

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 • 5:08pm


ROSELAND, NJ - Roseland firefighters Mike LaBrunda and Martin Casper were two of the Roseland volunteers who participated in conducting an "Extensive Forcible Entry Drill" at the Essex County Fire Academy in Cedar Grove.
Roseland Firefighter, Department Secretary and EMT Barry Bachenheimer explained that "forcible entry" occurs when the fire department needs to quickly gain access to a fire or trapped person through a locked window or door.

The entire department took part in the course which took place on Tuesday, March 4. They were taught by the academy's instructors who reviewed with the firefighters the basics of construction and locks and how to use a variety of hand and pneumatic tools to gain entry into a locked structure. During the class, the firefighters practiced with a state-of-the-art simulator which replicated a locked steel door. 

LaBrunda and Casper, veteran firefighters, at one point practiced using a halligan bar and a flat head axe to breach a door. 

Credit:  Barry Bachenheimer
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