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Road Construction to Disrupt Madison Streets Beginning This Week

TAP into Madison Staff

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 • 1:04pm

MADISON, NJ - The New Jersey Department of Transportation will be making repairs on Madison Avenue and Main Street in the coming weeks. 

Concrete, curb and ramp repairs have been scheduled to begin this week. This work will be done during the day.  Vehicle traffic will likely not be interrupted, but there will be localized closing of parking spaces along Main Street.

Weather and conditions permitting, paving is anticipated to start on or about Aug. 4.  In order to limit traffic issues, the majority of the milling and paving work will be completed overnight. This project is being coordinated by the NJ Department of Transportation, not the Engineering/DPW staff at the borough.

Traffic control will be handled during these projects by State Police, not the Madison Police Department.


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