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Residents Encouraged to Report Potholes, Repairs Under Way

The Alternative Press Staff

Monday, February 24, 2014 • 12:05pm

SUMMIT, NJ - Winter can be a jarring experience, even with blue skies, slightly warmer temperatures, and little precipitation, because -- as the roads are cleared of snow and ice -- motorists face another obstacle to safe driving: potholes.  Potholes develop as the result of the processes of freezing and thawing during winter months, and can cause damage to roads, vehicle tires, and alignment. 

According to Beth Kinney, Director of Community Services, Public Works crews have started repairing potholes with a temporary cold patch. Once warmer weather arrives, potholes will be permanently repaired. 

Residents are encouraged to report potholes to Public Works by submitting a service request on the City of Summit website at http://cityofsummit.org/servicerequest, or call the Department of Community Services at (908) 273-6404.  Residents reporting potholes are encouraged to provide a precise location, if possible.

To report potholes encountered on County Roads in Summit (Broad Street, Morris Avenue, River Road, and parts of Ashland Road, Springfield Avenue, and Passaic Avenue), go to: http://ucnj.org/report-a-pot-hole/ or call 908 / 789-3660.

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