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Register Today! US Sports Institute Fall Classes

Haydn Bowles

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 • 8:55pm

MONTCLAIR, NJ - Registration begins for the US Sports Institute's Squirts programs which are designed to introduce children aged 2 to 7 to a variety of sports in a safe and structured environment. All games and activities will encompass hand-eye coordination, balance, agility and movement – all key factors to the early development of children in sport.

Camps and clinics are offered year-round.  In addition to having a great time playing the different sports, children will develop social interaction and communication skills. All sports are developed through a series of games and activities designed to ensure learning and most importantly: fun, fun, fun!

Within our Squirts range we have up to 6 different programs to choose from, so there is something to suit every child: Total Sports Squirts, Soccer Squirts, Tennis Squirts, T-Ball Squirts, Basketball Squirts and Golf Squirts.

For more information, visit http://ussportsinstitute.com/summer-camps-nj/summer-sports-camps-essex-county/montclair-area.html 

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