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Reeds Help Japan Take Fifth In Olympic Team Skate

Brenda A. Nemcek

Sunday, February 9, 2014 • 5:13pm

SOCHI, RUSSIA - Warren's Cathy Reed and Chris Reed needed a good finish to keep Japan in contention after a terrific short program from Yuzuru Hanyu to open the team competition.

The siblings, who were born in the United States but have dual citizenship, were a step above the first two teams. The Reeds  finished in 8th in the Short Dance and 5th in the Free Dance.

Japan’s Chris and Cathy Reed scored a 76.23 for their dance to “Shogun II".


The same music was used at the Japanese Nationals, according to YouTube' Icechannel2011:
The final standings in the team event: 
Gold : Russia 75 pts
Silver : Canada 65 pts
Bronze : U.S.A. 60 pts
Fourth:  Italy 52 pts
Fifth : Japan 51 pts


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