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Positive Paterson Performance

Marie Caliendo

Friday, August 22, 2014 • 12:06pm

Children from Paterson's Eva's Village have been rehearsing all summer to share a creative dance routine, poetry and artwork with pediatric patients at St. Joseph's Children's Hosptial.

The show will take place at The Giggles Children's Theater which is located on the 2nd floor of the hospital at 703 Main Street in Paterson. Giggles, a project of the nonprofit Medical Missions for Children, presents biweekly live performances that are designed to lift the spirits of pediatric patients. Shows are free and open to the entire Paterson community. According to Giggles Executive Director Marie Caliendo, "It's wonderful that Paterson children are working to help sick Paterson kids feel better. Also we thought it only appropriate to name The Paterson Great Falls Rotary Club as the Sponsor of this show since the club named Giggles one of the beneficiaries of their Patersonians Making a Difference Event this past May." For further information, contact Marie at mcaliendo@mmissions.org or 973-754-4960.

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