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Police I.D. Suspect in October Shooting

The Alternative Press Staff

Monday, March 10, 2014 • 1:48pm

PATERSON, NJ - Police have charged a suspect--already in custody for a different incident--in the Oct. 14 shooting of a city man.

According to Lt. Patrick Murray, Michael Goodwin, 25, of Paterson has been charged with the Oct. 14 shooting of a 42-year-old man in the leg on the corner of Sparrow and River streets. 

The victim "was shot in the leg while standing outside of a vehicle speaking with the occupant," Murray said. "Investigating detectives, during the course of their investigation, recovered evidence at the scene, as well as video of the alleged actor walking toward and then leaving the incident on foot. Physical evidence which was recovered at the scene was submitted to the laboratory for further analysis. As a result of the laboratory analysis, along with additional information ascertained by detectives during the course of their investigation, Michael Goodwin was identified as the alleged actor in this incident."

Goodwin is already in custody after being charged as the alleged shooter in a non-fatal incident that occurred on Jan. 17 during the afternoon hours at Crosby Avenue and Kearney Street.

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