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Police Blotter: Minivan Crashes into Kumon Math and Reading Center

Eric Paragallo

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 • 6:53pm

LIVINGSTON, NJ - Around 9:30 p.m. Monday night, Risa Sochor of 50 West Orange crashed a 2013 Toyota Siena into the Kumon Math and Reading Center, at 95 East Mount Pleasant Ave.

Livingston Police, Fire and First Aid arrived on the scene shortly following the crash and transferred Sochor to Morristown Memorial Hospital. Although a class was being conducted inside the tutoring center at the time of the crash, no other injuries were reported.

A representative of the building and a representative from the Livingston Building Dept. were also on the scene to assess the structural damage to the building. The Kumon Math and Reading Center suffered damage to a front roof pillar, and to its front windows and door.

Sgt. Anthony Dippold of the Livingston Police Department said the reason Sochor veered off the roadway is still being determined and that the case is currently under investigation.

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