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Police Arrest Dwain Mayfield for April 15 Homicide

The Alternative Press Staff

Friday, April 25, 2014 • 10:41am

PATERSON, NJ - Police have arrested Dwain Mayfield, who had been paroled for prior offenses, in connection with a homicide in the early-morning hours of April 15.

According to Capt. Heriberto Rodriguez, the fatal shooting of Ralph Dennison at the corner of Graham Avenue and Hamilton Avenue at 12:05 on April 15 led them to Mayfield after an investigation.

"It was learned that Dwain Mayfield was on Parole for a prior C.D.S offenses," Rodriguez said. "His parole officer requested that he bring in Dwain Mayfield into his office so we could speak with him.  We were contacted and advised that Dwain Mayfield was at their office located at #114 Prospect Street, Passaic, N.J. New Jersey State Parole Office on (Thursday)."

Mayfield was transported to the Paterson Police Detective Bureau and charged with murder and weapons offenses. 

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