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Pleasantdale Participates in Annual Walk to School Day

Cynthia Cumming

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 • 6:34pm

WEST ORANGE, NJ - Pleasantdale School students, staff and parents participated in the annual Walk to School day on Oct. 9.  Walk to School Day is an international event that includes 40 countries that walk to school to promote route safety. 

Principal Dr. Joanne Pollara enjoyed a four-mile walk from her home in Caldwell, along with teachers Mrs. Pacifico, and Mr. and and Mrs. Carsillo. As the team approached Pleasantdale, they joined Pleasantdale students for the final few blocks.  

The walk culminated in a pep rally in front of the school led by Sue and Mike Dannemiller. The PTA handed out water, snacks and stickers that read  “I Walked to School Day.” 



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